The Rain Dance

The rain drummed against the windows,
Begging me to come outside.
It pummeled it’s little fists
Against the glass,
Calling softly my name.
I smiled,
Set down my book, and
Dawning nothing but
A sundress
I waltzed out
To meet the fellow dancers.
The downpour drenched me
Even through the bone, but
The coolness awoke a fire in me.
I spun in the rain,
As it extinguished my fear but
Ignited my confidence.
I laughed,
I cried,
I felt.
I wandered to the edges of the earth,
Spun across oceans,
Leapt over mountains.
I danced until I couldn’t breathe,
Then fell to the grass.
I closed my eyes, and
Let myself be cleansed with the earth.
The rain stopped pleading for my attention
As it slowed to a drizzle and
Moved on
To change another life.

Not Everyone Matters

You either fit in, or risk standing out.
That’s what society’s all about.
About cookie cutter, what’s out and what’s in,
With individuality, where do introverts begin?
With their ways that are different than those mainstream,
What can their special interests mean?
That they are picked right out of the crowd,
They are meant to cower instead of feel proud.
And so this is to you, not the formers but the latters,
You’re not like everyone?
Not everyone matters.

I Left It

My best friend posted this idea for a poem on her blog, and it gave me an idea for mine. If you’re interested in reading her rendition or any of her other heartfelt posts, here she is.

Without further ado, here is mine.

I Left It

I left it,
Wet with unshed tears and
Aching with neglect,
Deep inside my soul
Where my other failures lie.
A lost love,
A bad grade,
A forgotten friend,
All shoved into a trunk
In the darkest corner
Of my subconscious.
I left it
In a futile attempt
To pretend it never happened.
I left it
In a futile attempt
To pretend I was better.
But I wasn’t.
I am now, though.
I’m stronger,
More confident
Than I was then.
I am a better person now.
So every so often,
I open my trunk
Just to make sure
That it’s still there,
Right where I left it.

My Motive


All great things,
I suppose,
Should start with a motive.
An intention,
Whether it be to give your best
Or your worst,
To accomplish a goal,
Or to make your mark,
To change things,
To invent things,
Should be a catalyst.
Why should anything
In a life so short
Be meaningless?
My words
Are carefully chosen.
Hand picked,
Hand crafted,
To fill a slot in my writing
That can be filled by no other.
My motive
Is to change the world
One carefully formed word at a time,
Strung together by emotion and
Sealed with a kiss,
My motive
Is to present you
With everything I am.

The Other Loves

We are taught to believe
True love is inevitable
If you search hard enough.
If you kiss enough frogs and
Climb enough mountains
You’ll find it.
But what of other loves?
Your love for the written word,
For your family,
For what you believe in,
Where does that come in?
It becomes your drive.
It becomes your art.
It becomes what you need
To make the stress of life
Manageable again.
It’s what makes you
The individual,
The one and only.
Screw standards,
Stereotypes, and
All else.
Don’t count out your other loves.
Let them love you back.

The Crazy Ones

Make your mark,
Scream your name.
Move a mountain,
Stake your claim.
Gain respect,
Do things right.
Stand by your ideas,
Put up a fight.
Pave your path,
The one you lead.
Be a hero,
The one you need.
Go ahead, be crazy,
They’re far and few.
They’re crazy to change things,
But they’re the ones that do.

A Letter to Myself a Year in the Past

Hey dearest,
It’s me,
The future you.
There’s a lot of things
You hoped to do.
You accomplish a lot,
You build and destroy.
You get straight As.
You shatter a boy.
You create a relationship,
Make many new friends,
You are stressed to the max
When your sophomore year ends.
Yet through ugly and beautiful,
Through darkness and light,
You had a great year.
You make it out all right.
Though some things end in disaster,
And some in success,
You wouldn’t trade this year
For anything less.
You’re onto great things,
And I hope that you see
You’re capable of greatness,
An example through me.
You grow as a person,
And I hope that one day
When you write this letter,
You’ll be likely to say,
“I’m wonderful, I’m beautiful,
Though I’m not a star,
I’m perfectly flawed.”
Because darling, you are.
Capable of further than you bargained for,
You’re a hero
You’re a human
You are so much more.
So I sign off here,
With a smile and a sigh.
I have a future to get to.
I love you.