Sincerely Yours

He left her a letter.
It was short,
Maybe five sentences.
But that doesn’t matter.
She read the letter.
Each and every word
Cut her soul apart.
But what it said doesn’t matter.
Because in maybe five short sentences
He obliterated
A lifetime of possibilities.
She cried over the letter.
So did he.
Though, he’d never admit it.
But that doesn’t matter.
He wrote maybe five sentences.
He made a bomb.
He blew up the future.
His handwriting was steady.
The ink bled with her tears.
It was signed sincerely yours.

She never forgot him.
He never moved on.
It was signed sincerely yours.

One Year Later

It’s time to celebrate!

Today, On Hating People is one year old!

A lot has happened this past year, and I just want to thank each and every one of you who stuck around to see exactly where my erratic thoughts were going to go. I love each and every one of my followers and I thank everyone who commented or liked anything I posted. It makes me feel so wonderful to know I have such a supportive community when it comes to my writing, especially when I don’t believe it’s the absolute best.

So happy birthday, On Hating People.

May there be many more years to come.

To Reflection, With Love

Dear reflection,

I realized,
Looking in the mirror today,
That you are not the girl
Who looked back at me
Your eyes are darker,
More hollow,
As though the life has been sucked from them.
The windows to your soul are empty.
Your skin,
Paler and more sallow than before,
Is covered in so many blemishes
That trying to conceal them
Is a laughable not laudable effort.
You’re slipping, and
I could swear
I could see the cracks
Breaking out across your glassy facade.
I could swear
You heard my heart shatter.
You’re worrying me, you know.
One person can only take so much.
Yes, darling.
Even you.
So when I see you again tomorrow morning,
Earlier than either of us would like to consider,
I hope that those circles below your eyes have
Disappeared without makeup.
I want you to shine again.
Even a little bit at a time.

Definitive Magic

The gap that exists between two cells
Is so small it’s infinite.
You’ll never really touch anything
As your atoms play ping pong
With electrons
That move so quickly that
It’s like they were never even there.
The known universe behaves by certain laws,
Outlined by nature and
Written by humans,
They stand as facts that cannot be broken
Until they are discovered to be untrue.
Then they are shattered like
Little glass mistakes.
Everything around you is a chemical reaction, a result,
For the same matter that existed
Billions of years ago
Has been changed somehow
To result in what you see.
Though you don’t ever really see anything,
If you think about it.
Just the reflection of light.
So whenever I approach a problem,
A serious quandary
That seems like the answer
Is infinitely far away,
I simply pick up my pencil and
Set to work, for
It’s practically the same thing,
Isn’t it?

The Outside Introspection of a Superhuman

Sweet Jesus,
You’re one hell of a person.
With those wide eyes drinking in the world
And those cute little lips pressed in one thin line,
I watch as you observe everything around you
Without parting them once.
Sure, you’ll hold your tongue until it bleeds sometimes,
But you don’t want to disturb the silence.
I don’t blame you,
If I saw something so perfect,
I would be damned pressed
To do anything to ruin that.
Sometimes when I notice your little look of concentration
I can’t help wonder
What the universe must look like
Through those two dark lenses,
What you could possibly see
That could be worth the observation.
I mean, I know how you see some things.
Especially yourself,
And sometimes I wish you’d turn those x-ray eyes off
When you look at yourself in the mirror.
Maybe try my eyes on once.
Because I know everything you do,
All the stress you put on yourself to be perfect,
And I’d be damned if you ever
Tried seeing what you accomplished
Ahead of what you’ve lost.
You say you’re only human,
And I know,
I know you’re only human
But I swear,
No other could do all you do.
You’re one hell of a human, you know that?
You’re capable of doing some truly wonderful things,
Especially when you feel like you can’t.
So spread those folded wings to the sky,
Speak your golden words onto this earth
And show the world how truly beautiful you are
Behind those eyes.
How beautiful I know you are.
How beautiful I know you can be.
And for God’s sakes, woman

Life isn’t all about learning and seeing.
It’s about doing too.
So live.

Something New

And so the world keeps spinning
In an endless cycle
Day night day night
Routine, routine.
Yet every morning
Eyes open
To a world full of new things to uncover.
How can it be
When the world spins
So monotonously
That the people on it
Find something new
Learn something new
Every day?


I am pushed by the tide
The tide
Of ever changing faces
To ever changing places
That remain faceless and
Changeless just the same.
Each looks like the other,
Brushed aside and hurried by,
Acrylics smudged on the canvas of the world
Without a second thought, second glance
By an artist without a face and
Remaining nameless
To pretend that not even he exists.
Yet deep within this world
Lain asleep by the heart of Osiris
Is the fate of all mankind,
Nuzzled softly in the bosom
Of Mother Nature
Waiting to be needed,
Waiting to be born and wanted,
Named and painted
To show the tide of nameless faces and
Faceless names
That the smudges on the canvas
Were no accident.
If you look at them close enough to
Truly care
Each stroke was painted with a picture in mind,
An outcome,
That if you take a step back you’ll see
The swirls of color
Form shapes and patterns
Until you realize
That the ever changing places
You pass every day and
The tide of ever changing faces
That push you there
Are really all strokes on the canvas of the world
That you need to step back and view
To appreciate.