He Was My Miracle

I watched him as he faded away
As his dreams turned into dust.
I watched him wither and turn stone cold
As his hopes began to rust.
I watched him slowly swallowed whole
By his own pit of despair.
I reached for a rope, but to my chagrin
My hand only met with air.
So I was forced to watch as he fell and fell,
Standing uselessly aside.
I had no reason to be anymore.
With that, I sat down and cried.
I sobbed and sobbed and screamed and screamed
And begged, but what good would that do?
I had watched him as he fell from grace
Doing nothing with the facts I knew.
With this, I realized my mistake,
Then stood at the edge of the pit.
I prayed to god for a miracle, but
Nothing came of it.
It was then I had known that I had lost
As the dawn swept clear the skies.
It was then my heart learned the loss of a friend
For that every miracle dies.

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